Liedtext zu "Sad Song" (1999)

I feel a little bit sad and strong
Can You imagine what is wrong
In us? No trust?

I see my heart burning down
And it beats a very fast sound
to save – it’s grave

I stand alone with my fears
and of course I spend some tears
for you – it’s cruel

I watched to sky and perceived my pain
and my eyes they spend the rain
So I strain – I loved you vain
and I gain … some experiences in my brain.

I walking down the streets where I flamed
but surely it’s not the same
I miss – your kiss

I remember the time you were mine
At the moment I could whine
For past – I gasp

I believed in you whenever I can
Since your leaving I’m not your fan
I grieve – your leave

(Now) I’m standing here in lonelyness
You can’ perceived I was depresses
I can’t refresh – I can’t reflash
and you confessed … your love to me it was too less

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